The Real Red Door Experience
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The Real Red Door Experience


Real Red Door Experiences

Each person that walks through our door has a unique story, a unique home site and a unique vision for their dream home. Several of our customers were kind enough to tell us why they chose Red Door and describe their experiences throughout the home building process... from groundbreaking to move-in day.

Each story demonstrates why the home building experience can be awesome once you understand what's behind the Red Door! 

  • Helping a family rebuild
  • Creating a unique space for an aging parent
  • Meeting the short move-in deadline of a busy family

Enjoy Real Red Door Stories below...

Ready For The Real Red Door Experience?

We love watching the reactions of our customers (who end up feeling more like family) as they walk through their completed home for the first time. Watching their eyes and smiles open wider as they explore their home and picture themselves living out real moments in each room.

We don't just build houses, we build homes!