When You Need A Loan - You're Not Alone

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When You Need A Loan - You're Not Alone

We build on your land, so you provide construction financing and, once construction is complete, a permanent mortgage loan. Oftentimes, these loans can be combined into one simple closing, called construction-perm financing.

Red Door's finance-friendly program allows you to pay Interest-Only during construction and save hundreds of dollars on builder markup. The loan can finance:

  • The land (if just purchased or if you owe on land you already own)
  • The preparation of the land
  • Your new home

Use the financial institution of your choice--or just ask us. We'd be happy to recommend a trusted Red Door-preferred lender. Make sure to get a good faith estimate from any prospective lender detailing:

  • Your total loan amount
  • Interest amounts for construction and mortgage loans
  • The costs to apply and obtain (close) the loan

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The details of financing a home can be daunting. Educate yourself and learn more about the process, what you’ll need and what to expect.

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